Harrison's Top Employers
"We support the industry that supports us!"


  1. FedEx Freight, Inc. - Trucking and distribution
  2. North Arkansas Regional Medical Center - Medical services
  3. Wal-Mart, Inc. - Retail
  4. Pace Industries - Aluminum die-casting
  5. Claridge Products and Equipment , Inc. - Markerboards, chalkboards and bulletin boards
  6. UNFI - National Support Center, distribution and warehousing
  7. Windstream - Telecommunications
  8. Wabash Wood Products - Trailer floor manufacturing
  9. North Arkansas College - Education
  10. Flexsteel Industries, Inc. - Furniture
  11. West Rock - Folding Paperboard Cartons

Harrison's diverse economy is strong and unemployment is low thanks to a large manufacturing community. Wood products, die-casting, trucking, electronics and warehousing all play a key role. Agriculture, tourism and a growing retirement population provide added economic opportunities in the booming Harrison economy. Harrison is 35 miles south of Branson, Missouri and 43 miles east of Eureka Springs, AR. It is nationally recognized as one of the "Best Small Towns in America" with a downtown lake and a beautiful town square complete with hanging flower baskets and old-time whittlers relaxing on the park benches.

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