Justices of the Peace:

Justice of the Peace   Jim Milum            
Justice of the Peace   Glenn Redding            
Justice of the Peace   Bobby Woods            
Justice of the Peace   Fred Woehl Jr.            
Justice of the Peace   Dan Roberts            
Justice of the Peace   Bryan Snavely            
Justice of the Peace   Robert L Meek            
Justice of the Peace   Jim Harp            
Justice of the Peace   Ralph H Guynn            
Justice of the Peace   James C Widner            
Justice of the Peace   David Thompson            







Boone County Information

The first courthouse was built in 1870-1871, a little over one year after Boone County was formed from territory taken from the east side of Carroll County and a small strip on the west side of Marion County. The location of the first courthouse and the present one has remained the same through the years. On July 5, 1908, a fire destroyed the first courthouse. On October 10, 1908, a resolution was unanimously adopted providing for the early erection, upon the old site in the public square at Harrison, a fire-proof courthouse building, including all the modern conveniences of steam heat, water etc., and not to exceed $35,000. Active work on the new courthouse began on November 07, 1908 – some 38 years after the county began the construction of the former courthouse. In 1870, $15,000 was a lot of money – but $35,000 in 1908 was a staggering amount, and County Judge J. B. Curnutt and the Quorum Court made a decision that provided our county with a courthouse that has lasted for decades and will continue to do so for decades to come.