Boone County Health Department: 870-743-5244

Boone County Sheriff: 870-741-8404

Boone County Collector: 870-741-6646

Boone County Circuit Court Clerk: 870-741-5560

Boone County County Clerk: 870-741-8428

Boone County Assessor: 870-741-3783

Boone County Treasurer: 870-741-3068

Boone County County Judge’s Office: 870-741-5760

Boone County Office of Emergency Services: 870-741-2950

Boone County 9-1-1 Administrative Office: 870-741-1632

Boone County Library: 870-741-5913

Boone County District Court Clerk: 870-741-2788

Boone County Forestry Commission: 870-743-2210

Boone County Airport: 870-741-6954

Boone County Revenue Office: 870-741-3066

Harrison City Hall: 870-741-2525

Harrison Mayor’s office: 870-741-2777

Harrison Department of Public Works: 870-741-3434

Harrison Department of Parks and Recreation: 870-741-2149

Harrison Fire Department, non-emergency: 870-741-6384

Harrison Police Department: 870-741-5463

Harrison Chamber of Commerce: 870-741-2659

Harrison Convention and Visitors Bureau: 870-741-1789