Tax Base

Sales Tax Information

State - 6.5%
County - 1.25%
City - 1.25%
Total - 9.0%

State Income Taxes and County Assessed Taxes:

State Income Taxes

Arkansas individual income tax is graduated, up to 7 percent at the $50,000 income level. Arkansas corporate income tax is also graduated. Example: A business with a taxable income of between $25,000 and $100,000 would pay $940 plus 6%. Visit the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration website for more information about Arkansas taxes.

Real Estate Taxes

Real property is assessed at 20% of its fair market value, and total real estate taxes are based on this assessment. To calculate the real estate taxes in a particular city, you must add the total county millage rates to the city, school district, and fire protection district millage rates.

For instance, if the property is valued at $50,000, it is assessed at $10,000. Total millages for Harrison would be 45.5, and total taxes on the property would be $455.00.

Personal Property Taxes

Personal property, such as automobiles, RV's, boats, motorcycles, ATV's, utility trailers, tractors, as well as machinery, equipment, and business inventories, are taxed based according to the usual selling price for the item. These taxes are assessed at 20%. The millage rates for these taxes are usually the same as for real estate taxes, but not always. For instance, a $10,000 car would be assessed at $2,000. Total millage for Harrison would be 45.5, and the taxes would be $91.00.

County Mills Cities Mills
County General 1.9 Harrison-Corp. (1C) (2HC) 4.8
Community College 1.7 -Firemen Pension Fund .4
County Library 1.0 -Policemen Pension Fund .4
County Road 1.0 Valley Springs-Corp. (2VC) 2.2
Timber Tax   Bellefonte-Corp. (2BC) 2.5
15 cents per acre   Everton-Corp. (2PC) 2.0
    Bergman-Corp. (3C) 2.0
Schools:   Zinc-Corp. (3ZC) 2.4
Harrison School District  34.3 Lead Hill-Corp. (4C) 4.8
Valley Springs School Dist.  28.0 South Lead Hill-Corp. (4SLC) 5.0
Bergman School District  29.0 Diamond City-Corp. (4DAC) 5.0
Lead Hill School District  39.0 Alpena-Corp. (5C) 3.1
Alpena School District  28.6 Omaha-Corp. (6C) 3.8
Omaha School District  37.0