Phone: 800.880.6265
Local: 870.741.2659
621 E. Rush
Harrison, AR 72601
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Mission & Bylaws

Mission - The mission of the Harrison Regional Chamber of Commerce is to be recognized as the premier business organization influencing Harrison’s and the greater Boone County’s economic and business development through leadership, education, and investor partnerships.

Vision - The Harrison Regional Chamber of Commerce is the leading advocate for business and economic opportunity; its Core Values are:

i.   Attract - Attracting diverse businesses, industrial, and community organizations to our area resulting in the attraction of leaders, workforce, talent, investors, and people cultivating our local economy.

ii.   Connect - Connecting area businesses and professionals to numerous networking opportunities through events, seminars, training and engagement groups designed to help our members grow.

iii.   Grow - Growing local businesses and strengthening our local economy by providing available resources through training, education, coaching, and other dynamic resources designed to stimulate business development, retention and expansion.

iv.   Engage - Engaging our members/investors, the community, City and County leaders and economic development efforts to be the driving force to expand and grow existing businesses, start new businesses and industry, create awareness to shop local, and fully support our local organizations.

Click here to link to Chamber Bylaws.