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Q: What does branded initiative mean?

A: Having a branded initiative will help develop our community’s identity, marketing plan and competitive strategy.  Using this initiative continuously and
     consistently will establish an awareness of our area that will help grow our economy, attract talent and business to our area.

Q: How long will this branded initiative last?

A: This branded initiative will be implemented over the next 3 years. 

Q: How can I get involved?

A: There are multiple ways for you to get involved:    
     1. Participate in one of the 4 Pillars or in any of the sub-committees working on the action plans listed in the strategic plan.      
     2. Support this branding initiative financially.    
     3. Use the branded materials in your business.    
     4. Experience victories together by positive promotion of our community.

Q: How will the funds be used?

A: #believeboonecounty has engaged Swagbot Creative for marketing services and reputation management.  This is a project that includes:    
     ● Multi-phase #believeboonecounty branded initiative to attract talent and business to the area.    
     ● A cohesive brand image and articulate #believeboonecounty’s mission vision, values, key messaging, unique selling proposition and a brand story.    
     ● Identify target audiences    
     ● Train and educate community leaders and stakeholders to effectively represent the mission, vision and values of the initiative.

Q: Why is a campaign like this necessary?

A: It’s time for us to tell our own story louder and smarter in the future. In a very competitive marketplace, this initiative will advance the reputation and highlight
     the strengths of our community.

Q: I pay member fees to Chamber and taxes to the city and county, why do I need to contribute additional funds?

A: The idea for this initiative began with the Chamber.  #believeboonecounty has become a larger grassroots effort that will require more social capital and funding
     than the Chamber, city or county have available.  One of the weaknesses identified in this process was the image/branding issue.  In order for our region to
     grow economically, we must address this issue. That will require a sustained commitment by everyone in our region.