Phone: 800.880.6265
Local: 870.741.2659
621 E. Rush
Harrison, AR 72601
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Bald Knob Farm

4921 Creel Road
Harrison, AR 72601

Bald Knob Farm located on Creel Road in Harrison, Arkansas implements Waste Not, Want Not into every aspect of our farm operation.  From seed & breed selection to preservation, we truly do seek absolute excellence in every decision.  What does this mean?

  • Sustainably growing chemical free, open pollinated heirloom fruits & vegetables.
  • Humanely raising heritage breed chickens, which provide fresh chemical, antibiotic and steroid free eggs.
  • Seasonally ripened fruits & vegetables provide a unique platform for our small-batched, one-of-a-kind jams, jellies & preserves.

As we learn, we share and as we share, we learn.

Our little family farm was established on the principal of 3.

CARE for our family.

SHARE God's bounty with those in need.

PROVIDE quality produce, homemade products and educational opportunities to our community.

I hope you will join us on our journey as we walk through each season prepping, planting, harvesting, and sharing!